Crystals and Reiki

Traditional Reiki doesn’t involve crystals, but they can work well together.

Mark was asked about using crystals with Reiki so he got together some suggestions for anyone new to this.

Traditional Reiki doesn’t involve crystals and we don’t use them often. However, they can work well with Reiki, below are a few suggestions.

When choosing crystals, let yourself be guided by your intuition. You’ll know which crystals are right for you or the person you’re working with. Always trust your gut feeling. Clear quartz is a good default crystal that can be used generally.

Get to know your crystals by holding them while meditating and tapping into their wisdom. Connect with a crystal and understand it better through the sensations you feel and the insights you receive when meditating with it.

Clear your crystals before and after using them for healing by channelling Reiki into them as well. If you are level two or above you can use the power symbol to cleanse it.

Before the session ask your client if they are happy for you to use crystals. Always talk about what the session involves and show them the crystals you’ll be using. Sometimes a client has an intuitive aversion to a crystal and this should be respected. You can let the client choose their crystals for the session. Crystals are however not essential to give good Reiki.

During the session crystals can be placed on particular areas of the body, such as over an organ or on the chakras. Use your intuition. You can also place crystals below the couch. If your client is particularly ungrounded one of the grounding stones like haematite, obsidian, smoky quartz or black tourmaline can be helpful between their feet or ask them to hold it.

You don’t have to own a crystal to use it. Especially when I do Angelic Reiki, I occasionally become aware I need to connect into a particular crystal. I simply connect into the spirit of the crystal and ask for its energy to work through me for the client’s benefit. This is the main way I work with crystals apart from distance healing.

Distance healing – You can use a dedicated crystal with or without a crystal grid to continue sending healing once you’ve stopped and gone about your day. I use a master crystal which I charge with Reiki as part of the distance healing session and then place it on my healing list. I send healing almost every day so it is regularly charged, and continues to send healing throughout the day. I use it with a crystal grid to further amplify the healing energies.

Develop a relationship with your crystals. Thank your crystals after you work with them. Connect with your crystals by meditating with them and take good care of them.

There are plenty of good books and websites about crystals, Judy Hall is one of the best known crystal experts.

Do you use crystals in your Reiki practice? If so please leave a comment about how you use them.